​​Meghan is amazing! When I thought there was no hope for my naughty 2 year old, she helped him and he was a completely different horse when she was done. Highly recommended.

The Mane Masters

We have known Meghan for more than five years. During that time she has worked frequently at our Red Hawk Farm to train our Arab and Appaloosa horses and teach my grand daughter to ride with style. Safety mindedness and kindness have been exemplary traits that Meghan has displayed in her work. She quickly gains the trust of both new horses and new students and is able to correct problems encountered with both.  She is indeed a "Horse Whisperer". We have enjoyed watching her talk to recalcitrant horses and then seemingly, magically have them do her bidding when we have been unable to get the same performance from them. Your training dollar will be well spent with In Rhythm services.


Larry and Kathy 

Red Hawk Farm

I would highly recommend Meghan without hesitation! She in wonderful and seems to have a gift with the horses and they appear to appreciate her. I like how she rewards the horses when they do what is asked and has a calm demeanor while working with them I have an older horse I purchased a little over a year ago and he needed some fine tuning that was above where I was at level wise, as in what to do or how. I could see a difference almost right away and now she is working with the horse and I together, it is wonderful. I have seen the outcome of some younger horses she has worked with at the farm where I board, she even gets a nicker from one of them when she is done with lesson. 


Thank you so much Meghan for bringing my three boys along this summer. Ca'ching Gold age 2, matured immensely being taken through his paces on the ground. Sololiquy, age 6, is now a lovely balanced riding horse. And Catatumbo, age 3, who started out being afraid of his shadow, has also matured into a steady trail horse who will be ready for the challenges of the ring this time next year. My horses and I thank you! You rate more than 5 stars, you are a perfect 10!



Echo Glen Equestrian Center