My first goal is to improve communication between horse and rider, figuring out which methods work best for an individual and their horse as a team is very important.  Often, riders think their horse is behaving badly when in reality the horse is just confused, he doesn’t understand what his rider is asking of him and he either responds in frustration by acting up or he doesn’t respond at all and ignores his rider’s cues.  When you and your horse understand each other your relationship will improve by leaps and bounds as both of you will be happier with each other and your horse will have a better outlook on the time he spends with you.



I use a combination of techniques I have learned from various sources over the course of my career.  I incorporate natural horsemanship techniques along with classical dressage training methods.  I believe that in training a horse you should use the lightest aids possible to achieve the desired response- for example only a light squeeze of the calf and tilt of the seat should cause your horse to trot off.  I want my horses to be happy in their work and I place emphasis on the importance of the physical fitness of the horse, just like people- horses need to be in good physical condition in order to enjoy and be successful in physical activity.