My mare, Holly, and I performing a pattern, no saddle or bridle/halter/rope of any kind:




My mare and I again, mini join-up session followed by halterless showmanship from both the Near and Off sides:




My gelding, Trivanti, and I at the Oregon Morgan Classic Open Hunter Championship class. Only a video of half the class, but we won the Championship

Rail Class


Oregon Dressage Society Championships at DevonWood Sept 2014, 2nd Level TOC. My horse, Trivanti, and I won this.
My personal project horse, Juniper, and me at her first show, we won all our western classes!
Juniper's first class ever, hunter pleasure, we won it!
Rhea, Shire Saddlebred cross working on dressage
Day at the beach/bay with my horse
My students and me after their first place Pas De Deux performance!
3yo Clydesdale mare, Kevyn, and me at her very first show. She won her first class ever and earned reserve high point in our division!
Lesson with Azrael and her horse, Bjorn.
My project horse, Juniper, and me. Practicing english.
My student performing her First Level test at the Jr/Young Rider Team Championships at Devonwood. She got fabulous scores and won Reserve Champion First Level.
Warming up my student's horse at a show
Mother and daughter team performing a Pas De Deux at the Young Rider Team Championships at Devonwood, scored an 85% and won!
Stephanie and Like Clockwork (Simon) trotting around with their reserve Champion ribbon at the Junior/Young Rider Team Championship Dressage show
Shelby, a horse I took into training for a few weeks to take to a show. Day 1
Me on Shelby two weeks later!
In the creek with a student and her two horses while camping at Silver Falls.
4-Her and I at the Columbia County pre-fair, where I was the Dressage clinician
Blue ribbon at Kevyn's first show!
Me riding Sadie, a trail/drill team horse... who makes for a pretty nice western pleasure prospect!
Lesson with Jenny and Sadie
Training session with Always Specyal
Training session on Aranaway Sky Concerto
Training session with Lighteningtimestreak
Dark Shadow, coming to take a break with me after free lunging
Yodie's Tumalo Dusty- horse I bought to train... and completely transform!
Yodie- transformed! Took him to his first show ever and we won his first class and got the reserve highpoint in our division!
Pam and National Lace after winning their Dressage class with a 73.2%!
Audrey and Lighteningtimestreak after a Medallion-winning performance at the State Fair
Long lining Omate
Yodie's Tumalo Dusty in a hunt seat class
My horse, Ensbrook Trivanti and me doing our victory pass after winning the Hunter Pleasure $250 Championship at the Oregon Morgan Classic
Trivanti- strip portion of the Champ class at OMC
My horses and me. On Holly, ponying Trivanti. Taking a drink break in the creek while on a trail ride
Trivanti. I am also pretty good at growing tails!
Me with Samantha and Hoodoo, her last year as a senior in OHSET
Me with two of my OHSET girls after their dressage tests, both going to state!
My newest project- 2yo Clydesdale mare. This is the "Before" photo.
The "After" picture for Kevyn, at the end of her first horse show with our reserve high point ribbon!
Pamela showing Lace- First Level, test 3
Stephanie and Erica- Two of my dressage girls showing at the Jr/Young Rider team Championship show at DevonWood
Pam and National Lace competing at the Adult Team Dressage show